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If there was one way to describe the Deerstalker cap, it would be to call it the ‘Sherlock Holmes cap.’ It is the cap with bills both at the from and at the back and a large rounded, structured crown. It can be made of cloth or wool and therefore can be worn in different seasons. The crown is made from six or eight triangular panels.  The inner lining is made of satin or any softer material, which adds to the wearer’s comfort. The bills are short and stiff.

Generally, the cap also has earflaps which are tied up at the tip of the crown with a gross grain ribbon. It can be untied when the wearer wants to use the earflaps to protect his ears. In such a case, the ribbon is then used as a chinstrap to keep the hat stable on the wearer’s head.

The hat is termed as a Deerstalker hat because it was originally worn while hunting for animals, particularly deer. But since its association with the famous fictional detective, it has become a fashion accessory and used popularly for styling detective characters in films and plays.

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