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A bucket hat is a round crown brimmed hat. There are several variations of the same such as the fisherman’s hat, session hat, or the Irish Country hat. The bucket hat’s distinctive feature is the downward sloping brim; as the brim slopes downward, it is slightly softer compared to other stiff brimmed hats, such as the Boonie hat.

Bucket hats are mostly breathable and lightweight wearable in summers. The materials used are cotton, canvas, denim, and the likes. However, they can even be worn in winters if made of tweed, wool, or wool alternatives.

The downward sloping brims had a practical purpose. When these hats were designed in the early 1900s, they were worn by fishermen and farmers as a way of rain protection. The sloping brim would prevent the wearer from getting wet. The hat finally became a fashion accessory in the 1960s.

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