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The basket hat has a rounded pyramid-like structure woven from beads. It has a stiff structure and sits loosely on the wearer’s heads, dropping slightly on to the forehead. The hat has no brim or a visor and can have a high or a shallow crown. When the hat has a shallow crown, it is almost like a semi-spherical orb in shape. As it looks like an inverted bucket or a basket, it is called Basket Hats.

To make it more attractive, various colored beads are used in the weaving to form admirable colored patterns and designs. At times as the crown gets higher, the spirals have a smaller circumference, giving it the pyramid kind of a look. Further, the Basket hat can have a tassel hanging down from the hat’s tip to make it look more attractive.

These are mostly worn in the Red Indian cultures; however, they can be worn casually also.

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