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The Ascot cap is a unique variety of Newsboy caps, made from a single hardness panel curved to form the cap. The shape is very similar to that of the Flat cap; however, the difference between the two is that the Ascot cap is harder than the Flat cap.  Further, the bill of the Ascot Cap is harder and longer than that of a Flat Cap.

Most Ascot Caps are made from a single-colored fabric. It is sewn from felt, wool, cotton, cord, tweed & leather materials to be used in winters; however, straw Ascot caps are also available for summer use.

The style first became popular in the1900’s and is still in vogue. The hardness of the material prevents the cap from losing its shape and therefore makes them highly durable. Ascot caps are also known as the Lippincott Cap or Cuffley Cap.

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