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Flat Cap Vs Newsboy Cap

Flat Caps Vs. Newsboy Caps – The Difference? (With Pictures)

Most of the time, flat cap and newsboy caps are considered to be the same; however, there is a very noticeable difference between the two, which closes the Flat cap vs Newsboy Cap debate instantaneously. Although this difference is not well known, it is easily visible.

Both of these caps are small, well fitted, and slightly round. They have a stiff brim. Because of these similarities, they are often confused. But they have stark differences apart from these similarities. Therefore, it becomes imperative to clarify the same so that the wearer can decide which cap is more suitable for his purpose.

The Main Difference

As mentioned before, Flat cap vs Newsboy Cap is an open and shut case because the difference between the two is so prominent that an aware person can immediately differentiate between the two. The key differences lie in the structure and the look of the two caps.

Newsboy cap always has a button at the top. This is where the sewn pieces of the hat converge and are stitched together. These pieces can be thought of as pizza slices. At times, they are each of different colors making the cap look distinctively like a pizza. Further, there is a clear bagginess in the fit. On the other hand, Flat Cap doesn’t have the button on the top; they are not baggy and look slightly elongated from the front while rounded at the back. The cap is sewn at the back, so the front and the top look consistent.

What’s Warmer Flat Cap or Newsboy Cap?

Both are most commonly made from Tweed, so they are equally warm; however, nowadays, they are being made from many different materials such as Denim, Leather, Cotton, etc. Therefore warmth is not guaranteed. However, when made from Tweed, they are equally warm. In a nutshell, warmth is not a differentiating parameter; it is the shape and the fit that make them different.

What Is a Flat Cap?

Flat Cap

The flat cap is a small, well-fitted cap with a stiff brim. Golfers most commonly wear it. This cap originated in the UK and Ireland and is at times also called the cabbie cap or a paddy cap because it was worn mostly by cab drivers or Irish farmers.

It has a checkered pattern most of the time, but at times it is plain looking too. These are perfect for warm weather as they are made more commonly from Tweed and wool. They have silk or satin lining, and therefore they are very comfortable to wear.

Other materials are also being used, such as corduroy or leather and sometimes even cotton and linen. Therefore they are not always warm.

Initially, these caps were introduced to segregate the nobility from the commoners by means of law in Britain in the mid-1500s. However, in recent times, many notable celebs have adorned this cap as a symbol of style. David Beckham and the Prince of Wales, being two heavily decorated personalities to have made a style statement wearing it.

These hats are now worn on casual and semiformal occasions to accessorize a shirt-pant-suspenders look. Further, they are trendy in the Academia, Chess, and Golf circles, commonly paired with a tweed suit if the cap is made of Tweed.

What Is a Newsboy Cap?

Newsboy Cap

This is the most talked-about ‘Peaky Blinders’ cap that is most often confused with a flat cap. Although the style is similar to that of a flat cap, the Newsboy cap is baggier, made from 8 strips of cloth sewn together, and held together using a button at the top. Further, it has a rounder body as compared to the flat cap.

The Newsboy cap has relatively recent origins in the early 20th century. These are known to be popular in Europe and North America. Most popular among the newspaper delivery boys, it got its name and confusion from there. At that time, newspaper boys wore many different styles, including the Flat caps, and therefore the two styles got mixed up.

The name often leads to the belief that it was only worn by men and boys of the working class; however, that couldn’t be far from the truth. These hats were worn by men and women of affluent classes, too, and was a style statement in itself. Even Prince Williams has adorned it and graced it with royalty.

These were originally made from Tweed and Wool to make them more comfortable in cold weather. As part of fashion accessories, these are made from cotton and other stylish materials. These are equally popular in women nowadays after their recent resurgence.

There are perfect for the fall season, which is neither too warm nor too cold. You can pair them with a black suit to look like a vintage movie star or a gangster. You can even wear them with casual wear. These are perfect for every day and semiformal occasions but not appropriate for highly formal occasions such as weddings. Don’t wear them with a Tweed suit because you will overdo the vintage look. Keep it subtle and in contrast with the rest of your attire.

Flat Cap Vs Newsboy Cap

Comparison PropertiesFlat CapNewsboy Cap
Uses (for)Casual or Semiformal OccasionsCasual or Semiformal Occasions
Ideal ForUnisexUnisex
AdvantagesStylish, Warm, Comfortable, and lightweightStylish, Warm, Comfortable, and lightweight
DisadvantagesNot for formal occasionsNot for formal occasions
DurabilityVery durable if made from Tweed or WoolVery durable if made from Tweed or Wool
Waterproof MaterialNot waterproofNot waterproof
Reflective MaterialDull reflective if made from leatherDull reflective if made from leather
Care and MaintenanceWool or Tweed Caps are hand wash onlyWool or Tweed Caps are hand wash only
Types and StylesNANA
WeatherSpring, Summer, Winter & FallFall mostly but other seasons too if made from appropriate material
AvailabilityReadily availableReadily available
Prices$5 -$100$13 -$100

What Are Flat Caps for?

These are perfect for the semiformal and casual occasions. They are unisex and can be worn as a fashion accessory too. Flat caps are trendy among golfers and in academic circles. These also go well with suits, so they add more class to the wearer’s attire. They can be combined with Tweed suits as well to make it a complete vintage look.

What Are Newsboy Caps for?

Newsboy caps are also popular on semiformal and casual occasions. However, these can be thought of as slightly more relaxed than flat caps. You can pair it with suits but not with Tweed suits because that overdoes the vintage look. These are more suitable for women as they look outstanding in vibrant colors and can go well with several dresses and casual get-ups. Even for men, they bring a very relaxed and informal look to the wearer.

The Best Flat Cap

This is a classic Herringbone Tweed flat cap, available in several colors that go well on semiformal occasions. It is available in two different sizes and, therefore, can fit men and boys of most age groups. It has a quilted lining that makes it suitable for cold weather. It has a tight fit and therefore not ideal for men with very long hair; however, perfect for wearing after the first haircut or even with average length hair.

It is a multicolored checkered pattern classic flat hat suitable for golfing or derby races.  It is made from Glen Appin, which is excellent Scottish wool similar to the authentic Irish Tweed. The material is Harris Tweed, and therefore very rare craftsmanship has gone into it. It is available in a few different sizes, making it suitable for men and boys of all ages. It is perfect for winter as it is very warm. The build, construction quality, and stitching are of very high quality. It is a perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones.

The Best Newsboy Cap

This is a Newsboy cap with a scarce and stylish color combination. It is a handmade product made from 100% Scottish wool and is fully lined. It is perfect for winters and gives the wearer a sharp and stylish look. There is a button closure on it so that the fit can adjust to the wearer’s requirement.

It is a Tweed Newsboy cap available in five elegant colors. It is made from flax and is therefore warm too.  It goes well with the golfing attire and has an authentic vintage look. There are two sizes available so that it can fit most wearers. The baggy look adds to the style and gives the wearer a relaxed and laid-back look.

Final Thoughts

Both Flat cap and Newsboy cap can be worn casually and semi-formally; however, the Newsboy hat is slightly more on the casual side. If you are going golfing, then a Flat cap is more appropriate; however, if you want to bring a more relaxed look to your attire, then a Newsboy cap is an exciting and stylish choice. It is a wearer’s preference, which style he likes more; some wearers don’t like the baggy fit; however, some others get attracted by it. Therefore, it all boils down to the look that the wearer is going for and his liking.

Flat Cap vs Newsboy Cap difference

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