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Dad Hat Vs Snapback

Dad Hats Vs. Snapbacks. The Difference (With Pictures)

Baseball caps are a vast category of caps with various styles. If you are a hat connoisseur, you might already know that there can be at least 41 unique types of baseball caps that are known till now, and new style variants emerge every now and then. The variants can differ from one another based on their bills and crown characteristics, fit, closure types, design, material, and several more parameters.

Two popular variants are Dad hats and Snapbacks. These are easily distinguishable when kept next to each other; however, categorizing the differences can help you decide which cap is best for you. Therefore, it is essential to understand the Dad hats vs Snapbacks difference and make an informed decision.

The main difference between Dad hats vs. Snapbacks

Dad hats are the relaxed and casual style variant of baseball caps, while snapbacks are the sharper version.

The key difference lies in the closure, but inherently, there are so many differences between the two that each becomes equally important.

Snapbacks have a snap closure. This means that there are two plastic strips, one with holes and the other with nubs that fit into the holes. Dad Hats have a metal buckle closure.

The nature of closure, in turn, results in the kind of fit. Snapbacks have a tighter fit as compared to dad hats.

What is the specific purpose of each cap?

Dad hat is more suitable for casual wear, recreational activities, long hours, and a relaxed look. They are not fit for sports because they have oversized- crowns, and the buckle closure doesn’t give ample stability. However, the curved brim, lightweight nature, and stylish looks make it one of the most sought-after baseball caps.

Snapbacks are excellent merchandising tools, offer great logo visibility, snug fit, and stability. The snap closure also offers incredible adjustability making the cap ideal for wearers of different head sizes. However, snapbacks are most commonly used by stage performers, hip-hoppers, EDM artists, and other vocations where flashy designs add to the wearer’s reputation and style statement.

What is a Dad hat?

Dad hat

Dad hats are characterized by an oversized, unstructured crown and a slightly curved bill that is attached to the crown at an angle.

As the crown is unstructured and gives a relaxed look, it is made from softer and comfortable materials, such as cotton or canvas, making the cap wearable for long.

Instead of having a snap closure, Dad hat has a metal buckle closure. The oversized crown and the absence of the snap closure together give the wearer a relaxed and casual look.

Although Dad hat is a cap because it possesses a bill or a visor instead of a brim, the colloquial terminology has stuck with it.

General Characteristics of a Dad hat

  • An unstructured and slightly oversized crown
  • The bill is curved and at an angle
  • It has a metal buckle closure and not a snap closure
  • It is appropriate for casual wear and is a unisex cap

What is a Snapback?


Although the name suggests that there would be a snap closure at the back, that is not the only characteristic of Snapbacks.

Snapbacks are generally medium or high-profile baseball caps with a slightly straight or less rounded and structured crown.

Snapbacks have a tighter fit because the snap closure adjusts better than other kinds of closures. These are comparatively flashier and preferred by hip hop artists, stage performers, and even professional baseball players.

General Characteristics of a Dad hat

  • A structured crown
  • Flat & straight bill
  • It has a snap closure
  • Worn by stage performers, hip hop artists, baseball players
  • It is a unisex cap
  • It is most often used for merchandising

Dad Hats Vs. Baseball Caps

Comparison PropertiesDad HatSnapbacks
Distinctive ComponentIt has a metal buckle closure instead of a snap closure.It has a snap closure
Crown CharacteristicsIt has an unstructured crown that is slightly oversizedIt has a structured crown
Fit & StabilitySlightly oversized and doesn’t have a snap closure; therefore, it has a loose fit and relatively lower stability.It has a snap closure which gives it a snug fit and relatively higher stability.
Bill CharacteristicDad hats have a curved bill attached to the crown at an angle, i.e., slightly bent downwards.Snapbacks have a straight, flat bill that is attached at 90 degrees to the crown.
Ideal ForCasual wear, unisex, recreational activitiesHip hop artists, stage performers, professional baseball players, casual wear, merchandising.
FoldabilityDad cap is foldable because of the unstructured crown,Snapbacks have a structured crown and are therefore not foldable.
Logo VisibilityAs the front panels are not hard, the logo visibility is lowAs the front panels are hard, the logo visibility is very high
StickerThere may or may not be a sticker on a dad hatSnapbacks are mostly used as merchandise, and therefore, the stickers are mandatory to convey authenticity.
DesignIn general, dad hats have a subtle embroider or designIn general, snapbacks have very flashy and loud designs

The Best Dad hat

This is a combo of comfortable dad hats with a soft, unstructured crown. It has a buckle closure that adds to the authenticity of dad hats other than making it adjustable for most wearers. The cap is extremely comfortable and made from soft cotton material. The combination available in several color variants proves the fact that that dad hats are unisex and not just for dads.

Another great dad hat with a pre-curved bill, an unstructured crown, and a buckle closure. The most stylish aspect of the cap is its unique shade. You really need to be a fashion icon to pull it off, but if you can, then you will attract a lot of awe and attention. The cap is comfortable and made from soft cotton. It has a low profile and is therefore lightweight, ideal for people with small heads.

The Best Snapback

You don’t have to be a full-blown hipster to rock the classic Snapback Hat. Whether you’re looking for something stylish or practical, this 6 panel Flip Cap is the hat you’ve been searching for! Made from 100% Cotton and felted wool blend fabric, you’ll love how warm it keeps your head all winter long thanks to its elastic closure feature (fits either a man’s or woman’s head). One size fits all with its excellent quality detail construction that enhances durability and longevity of wear.

It is an ideal snapback with a flat, straight brim, rigid front panels, and snap closure. The cap’s front offers excellent visibility for logos and embroidery. Further, the snap closure provides the sticker-claimed adjustable fit. The camouflage pattern adds to the sharp design and brings out the wearer’s strong personality and patriotism.

It is perfect snapback merchandise that offers a fantastic marketing opportunity. People will simply marvel over the wearer wearing it. It is perfect for blending in with the crown in events such as comics and movie premiers. The snap closure makes it adjustable for most wearers making it easier for the merchandizers. It can also be worn casually or during recreational activities.

Final thoughts

Both Dad hat and Snapbacks are style variants of the baseball cap. While dad hat has a buckle closure, snapbacks have a snap closure. Therefore, comparatively, snapbacks provide the wearer a better fit. However, some wearers don’t prefer the straight, flat bill or a structured crown. For such wearers, Dad hats are more appropriate.

Snapbacks are also an excellent choice for merchandisers because the hard front gives the logo excellent visibility. However, snapbacks are relatively heavier and therefore can’t be worn for long. They are more appropriate for stage performers, events, EDM artists, and so on. Their flashy designs might be appealing to some wearers and appalling to others, so ultimately, it is a fashion choice.

On the other hand, Dad hats are much more comfortable for long hours, recreational activities, and casual wear, but the oversized crown might make them inappropriate for professional baseball players.

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