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What Is Brim Of A Hat

What Is the Brim of a Hat? – 10 Types of Hat Brims

Undeniably, each part of your hat has a function. Whether it’s to keep you away from the scorching sun rays, cover your head from the cold blow, or complete your outfit look. As long as we give importance to the function, size, or look of the hat, it’s necessary to know their brim type too. What is the brim of the hat, and why should you know it?

Some of you might be new to wearing hats and might end up buying a bigger hat that looks like it’s going to sink your head. According to hat experts, a brim decides the look of your face more than the crown or color does. A perfect hat should balance the dimensions of your head rather than overwhelming them. And this will be possible only when you know the types of brims to select, which is the right brimmed hat for you.

What Is the Brim of a Hat?

A brim is a circular, horizontal ledge that extends outward from the crown of your hat to protect you from the sun and other elements. The diameter and style of the brim is the most notable thing to classify the hat’s type.

The first rule is to select the hat that matches your physique. A brim of a hat should never be lengthier than the shoulders.

Brim vs. Bill

If you’re a hat person, you should definitely not scroll this without reading. To be clear, a hat has a brim, and a cap has a bill or visor.

To be crystal clear, the circular piece that is stitched to the crown ( the part that covers your scalp) and encircles it to provide shade is called a brim of a hat.

A bill is the smaller part that extends out of the crown of your cap without encircling and provides shade. It is called a visor.

Visit our article to learn more about bills and brims.

different brim styles and types

Different Brim Styles

1. Snap Brim

A Snap brim is one of the unique features most commonly found in fedora. It is a type of brim that can be turned up and down at opposite sides. Yes, an old hat you must have seen worn by old figures in movies like Humphrey Bogart. However, the diameter and flexibility can vary from size to size. Fedoras are not the only hats that come with snap brims. They come in Panama and top hats. Snap brimmed hats are getting popular among jazz musicians, youngsters, and gangsters.

Suitable for: Fedoras and Panamas with a wide brim look top-notch for you if you have a square or a pear-shaped face.

A fully snapped down brim hat is suitable for removing attention if you feel your ears are bigger.

2. Floppy Brim

These floppy brimmed hats are mostly meant for women, which is perfect for a day out on the beach, or pool, or hiding at your favorite cafe. The floppy brim is a nice, wide brim that can shade you from the sun’s scorching rays. They are also made up of wool to block your ears from the cold wind. Mostly, floppy brims are available more often, in 4 and 6 inches, even up to 10 inches.

Hat Tip: Wear your floppy hat at a slight angle, which gives a perfect face shape. Wear a side braid and leave it to rest on your shoulders, and you would be great to go!

3. Upturned Brim

Upturned brimmed hats are designed more stiffly, say bowler hats, top hats, or homburgs. Bowler hats usually have a bowl-shaped crown, designed with rolled, upturned brim with pencil roll at the edge.  Bowler’s hats were also referred to as derby or coke hats.

They are commonly worn in situations like the wind doesn’t blow a hat from one’s head. Bowler hats are more related to Bolivian people since a woman wears a bowler on the top of the hat if she is married and on the side, if she is a widow.

Hat Tip: Bowler hats look classic with lounge suits, business suits, or stroller suits and are worn in more business or formal settings.

4. Flat Brim

Boater hats, straw boaters, skimmers, and sennit hats all come with flat brims. In the world of curved brims, snap brims, and floppy brims, a flat brimmed boater hat is a stylish fashion statement in the hat world. 

Boater hats are designed with flat tops and flat brims. During the 1920s, flat brims were widely popular and were worn by everyone. And now, these flat brim hats are receiving a huge comeback again among teens and celebrities like Harold Lloyd and Maurice Chevalier.

Hat Tip: Wearing the flat brim slightly tilted gives a modern edge. Women can wear their flat-brimmed hat on short hair, low ballerina, or messy bun to look more adorable.

5. Wide Brim

Ranchers, Fedoras, Sun hats, Straw hats, bucket hats, Panama hats have wide brims. Whether you are looking for a voguish hat for your dinner date or to the beach, wide-brimmed hats take your look to the next level. They highlight your appeal and provide excellent sun protection for your head and shoulders at the same time. Sometimes, these wide brims mostly come with chin straps that don’t allow the pesky wind to steal your wide-brimmed hat.

Hat tip: If you have an average of large build, go for hats with brims, 3 ½” to 4″. If you are thinly built, brims for 3″ to 3 ½”  look great on you.

6. Super Wide Brims

Do you hate giving up your favorite pastime due to the weather? This super-wide brim hat is what you need!

Whether you use it as a sunhat, fishing hat, hiking hat, safari hat, boating hat, gardening hat, or any outdoor hat, this super wide-brimmed hat is excellent for its ultimate protection against sun and rain. The brim of the hat is uniquely designed, 15 cm wide, with waterproof qualities.

7. Short or Stingy Brims

Take Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt, or Alicia Keys, who have made their signature look with short-brimmed hats! Everyone loves shorter brim hats since they go with everything. Whether you want to be modern styled or vintage styled, dressed up or down, or sporty, these short brims hats serve all purposes.

Hat tips: People with smaller body types may go for shorter brimmed hats, which gives them a chic look without looking overwhelming.

8. Underwelt Brim

The best part of underwelt brim is they allow water to run off better than an overwelted brim. Underwelting is the process of folding the edge, either under or over, and the brim is stitched to form a different kind of edge. To be clear, the brim edge is folded and sewn.

9. Foldable Brim

Undoubtedly, this foldable brimmed hat is an irresistible choice for any woman! While the beautifully designed black bow gives an extra feminine feel, the foldable brim offers a relaxed fit and cool convenience for easy storage and traveling. If you’re a travel buff, this is a must-have for you! Look beautiful on both the seaside and the streets with this straw, foldable brimmed hat.

10. Downward Brim

As you have already known, downward brims are most commonly seen in bucket hats. Unarguably, they become favorites among most of us for offering shade to our head and neck. Bucket hats were initially used as functional habits among the Irish farmers to protect themselves from rain by its downward slanting brim. The best thing about bucket hats is, they can be folded and kept inside your bag without occupying much space.

Why Do Hats Have Brims?

Hats are designed with brims to provide a greater shade on the neck, ears, and face.  The under brim is the underside of the brim. And the brim binding is the way the edge of the brim is stitched. Like raw cut edge, ribbon edge, leather band edge, or a hand felted edge.

Materials Used in Making Of  Hat

Hats are manufactured with all types of fabrics to serve each person’s purpose. They are made up of all kinds of fabrics like cotton, wool, straw, Toyo, fur felt, and synthetics like polyester and acrylic.

Wool hats are second to none when it comes to keeping you warm. Cotton hats have excellent hypoallergenic properties to keep you sweat-free and breathable though out the sunny day. Hats made from artificial fibers, polyester, acrylic supports regular usage since they have amazing long-lasting durability.

Final Thoughts

Hats are eternal, timeless style accessories that take your outfit to the next level to offer top-notch looks. A brim is a distinctive feature of a hat that defines your hat type and its purpose.

You might need a super wide-brimmed hat not to give up your leisure fishing time, a foldable brimmed hat to tuck it away in your handbag, or a shorter brimmed hat to avoid lower visibility or just a fashion accent to grab attention. All you need to know is what is the brim of the hat to pick your right one!

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