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Ascot Cap Vs Flat Cap

Ascot cap vs Flat cap. The Difference (With Pictures)

Are you a fan of having accessories to style your every outfit? If yes, then hats must be one such accessory that is perfect for adding glamor and style to all occasions. There are many options to select from, like from the baseball cap for daily use to the exotic Panama hat for the semi-causal meets and the fabulous straw hats for the beaches.

But the list of unique caps does not end there. The long-debated question of ascot cap vs. flat cap is quite prominent. Though both the caps look quite similar in structure, there is quite a difference between the two.

So, let us explore more about these two stylish caps and see which of these is more affordable formal headgear to have in the wardrobe. While we look for the details, we share some exciting differences between the two to put light on the ascot cap vs. flat cap.

The Main Difference

Understanding the difference is quite important when it comes to the ascot cap vs. flat cap. Though it might be difficult to spot the prominent difference at first glance, still, with the proper understanding, you will be easily able to differentiate the same.

Difference 1: Structure

The flat cap has a raised back and a gradually declining slant in the front. At the same time, the ascot cap is made from a single hardness panel curved to form the cap. Also, the bill of the ascot cap is more rigid and longer than the flat cap.

Difference 2: Material Used

Though there is not much difference in the material used, the minor difference makes them unique. The flat hat is made mainly from wool or cotton based on the climate they are designed for. Ascot caps are made from a single-colored fabric that can be felt, wool, cotton, cord, Tweed, straw, or leather materials.

Difference 3: Popularity

The ascot hats became popular around the 1900s and are still in vogue. At the same time, the flat caps became a popular golf attire and became popular around the 1500s.

Difference 4: Formal Look

The flat caps are more appropriate for the formal and sporty look, while the ascot caps are more suited when you are looking for a stylish and elegant appeal.

Which One Is A More Formal Headgear, Ascot Cap Or Flat Cap?

The biggest question that arises when selecting ascots and flat caps is mainly linked to the overall looks. While both are considered a perfect option for an affordable and classy look, knowing which is more suited as formal headgear will help you dress amazingly.

Flat caps are considered the more affordable formal headwear. These are ones with an extremely short and stiff visor almost covered by the hat’s body. Designed with materials like leather, linen, cotton, wool, and corduroy, this hat is one amazing piece that you can wear during any formal event.

So, if you are looking for a formal cap out of ascot cap vs. flat cap, then a flat cap is the perfect headgear. You can wear it while playing golf, and it is worn by the newspaper delivery boys and cap drivers.

What Is An Ascot Cap?

The Ascot cap is a one-of-a-kind Newsboy cap fashioned from a single metal panel that has been curled to form the cap. The Ascot cap’s shape is fairly similar to that of the Flat cap; however, the Ascot cap is a little harder than the Flat cap. Furthermore, the Ascot Cap’s bill is thicker and longer than a Flat Cap’s.

Ascot Cap

The majority of Ascot Caps are created out of single-color fabric. It is made of felt, wool, cotton, cord, Tweed, and leather for use in the winter, but straw Ascot caps are also available for use in the summer. The style first gained popularity in the early 1900s and is still popular today.

The material’s toughness prevents the cap from losing its shape, making it extremely long-lasting. The Lippincott Cap or Cuffley Cap are other names for Ascot caps.

Features Of Ascot Cap

  • It gained popularity in the early 1900s as a fashion cap.
  • It is a cap with a hard and medium bill.
  • It is a harder cap and stays firm when worn.
  • It is mainly used with suits.
  • it is popular as the cap that offers comfort and warmth
  • Its Irish Patchwork style is quite popular.

What Is a Flat Cap?

The flat cap is a small cap with a firm brim that is well-fitted. Golfers most typically wear it. This headgear originates from the United Kingdom and Ireland, and it’s also known as a cabbie cap or a paddy cap because taxi drivers and Irish farmers originally wore it.

Flat Cap

It has a checkered pattern most of the time, but it can also be plain. Because they are constructed primarily of Tweed and wool, they are ideal for warm weather. Because they contain silk or satin inside, they are extremely pleasant to wear.

In the mid-1500s, these caps were first used to legally separate the nobility from the commoners in Britain. However, many well-known celebrities have worn this headgear as a fashion statement in recent years. These hats are now worn to complement a shirt-pant-suspenders appearance for casual and semiformal occasions. They’re also popular in academic, chess, and golf circles and are frequently worn with a tweed suit if the cap is made of Tweed.

Features Of Flat Cap

  • It is mainly used with golf attire.
  • It is raised at the back and has a gradually declining slant in the front.
  • It has an extremely short and stiff visor.
  • It is a perfect style of statement wear.
  • It is commonly available in the checkered pattern.

Ascot Cap vs Flat Cap

Comparison PropertiesAscot CapFlat Cap
Uses (for)It is more linked to fashion and vogue.It is more linked to golfers and academicians.
Ideal ForIt is more appropriate for casual to a semiformal event.It is suggested to be worn during semiformal to a formal event.
PopularityIt gained popularity around the 1900s.It gained popularity around the 1500s.
QualityIt is lightweight with a comparatively bigger and less stiff visor.It is also lightweight with an extremely short and stiff visor.
DurabilityIt is a durable cap as it is made from felt, wool, cotton, cord, Tweed, and leather.It is a more durable cap when made from Tweed or wool.
FoldabilityThis cap can be easily folded and kept in a bag to carry around.This cap can be folded, but due to stiff visor, it might be aa little difficult.
Waterproof MaterialWhen made with leather, these caps are more waterproof.Most of the flat caps are not waterproof and are prone to get wet during rains.
PurposeThe main purpose of the ascot cap is to offer a perfect style statement.The main purpose of the flat cap is to offer you a formal and casual look.
Care and MaintenanceThe ascot caps are very easy to maintain and take care of. These can be cleaned at home and are hand washed only.You can clean most of the flat caps at home only with the hand wash process.
Types and StylesThere is only one type of ascot cap, but the style may vary depending on the material used.There are various flat cap styles like Newsboy, Baker Boy, Driving, Gatsby, and Herringbone.
WeatherThe cap is more suited for winters but can be worn during all seasons.The flat cap is more suited for fall but can be worn at all times.
Worn WithThe ascot caps are usually worn with suits.The flat caps are usually worn during casual occasions with sporty attires.

What Are Ascot Caps for?

Ascot caps are perfectly stylish and unisex caps that gained popularity in the 1900s. Known for their amazing structure, these caps are worn by various celebs and prominent people throughout the ear. Available in quite a decent style and colors, these caps are perfect for summers and winters.

You should wear a beautiful sweater vest and collared shirt, a suit, or other upmarket clothes with the ascot cap. It is mainly for the stylish look as compared to a formal look. Being a comparative hard cap, this never loses style and is quite popular in Royal events.

What Are Flat Caps for?

Flat caps are more linked to the formal look. These caps are usually worn while playing golf or any other such as Academia, Chess, or others. These are ideal for semiformal and casual events. They’re unisex and can even be used as a fashion statement.

These blend nicely with suits, giving the wearer’s outfit a more polished look. You can also wear tweed suits with them for a complete vintage impression. In recent years, many well-known celebrities have used this cap as a fashion statement. David Beckham and the Prince of Wales are two highly decorated individuals who have worn it and made a fashion statement.

The Best Ascot Cap

Crushable Gatsby Ivy Soft Ascot Hat

An amazing hat designed to offer you a perfect outlook is made from wool and covered with premium quality leather. Available in multiple sizes, this is a unisex cap that is truly elegant and amazingly styled. The features of this cap are as follows:

  • Material – 100% Wool with Leather
  • Quality – Imported
  • Patterns – Multiple Colors
  • Sizes – Multiple
  • Adjustable – Adjustable band inside of wool ascot
  • Care – Hand wash only

The Best Flat Cap

Men’s Classic Herringbone Tweed Wool Blend Flat Cap

This is indeed the finest choice to make when it comes to flat caps. Designed with precision and quality, this cap has the most amazing wool quality to offer you warmth in the winters. With the concept of true size, this cap is one of the finest pieces to try and have in your wardrobe. The features are as follows:

  • Material – 100% Wool
  • Quality – Imported
  • Patterns – Multiple Colors
  • Sizes – True size
  • Adjustable – Self-adjustable
  • Care – Hand wash only

Final Thoughts

Selecting a cap can be a tough task, but the decision becomes even more difficult when it comes to ascot cap vs. flat cap. While both the caps look quite similar, a few changes define their design and look. Defining the beauty for quite a long, these caps are just the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

A flat cap is more ideal for golfing; nevertheless, an ascot cap is an interesting and attractive choice if you want to add a more relaxed touch to your wardrobe. It is a matter of personal opinion about which style a wearer prefers. As a result, it all came down to the wearer’s preference and desired aesthetic.

So, look for what you adore and get these caps to style and look amazing in casual to formal events. Standing out of the crowd is amazingly enchanting with the help of the ascot cap or a flat cap.

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